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Generation Y Vs. Customer Service

America is FAST becoming a service based economy again and Generation Y’ers, right there in the middle of it, are going to find themselves in over their heads. Gen Y has been sold a unique bill of goods regarding technology and communication. Taught that traditional communication such as Face to Face and Telephone communication are likely on the way out, Generation Y has focused on digital communication such as Social Networking, Email, and HTML Code.

To succeed in the next economy it’s believed that if one cannot build the perfect website and write html code for searchability then they might as well prepare for minimal pay and scarce work. However, those who wrote that curriculum didn’t fully understand the power of the new economy and what TRULY drives the dollars within it.

The true force of the economy, in any capitalistic free economy, is that people have wants, needs, and desires and people looking for income position themselves as best they can to fill these needs. The money exchanged is what grows the economy and makes life livable for everyone.

It’s no surprise that Bachelor Degrees,Doctorates, and PhDs are specifically in demand. Skilled people who know how to use these degrees as qualifications to gain entrance to the workforce will always be the ones who succeed and prosper. However, what is truly scary is that this element is not at the forefront of the education system. It would seem that the general consensus of those entering college today is:’Get Degree, Job will Follow.’ But, the degree is nothing more than a stepping stone. (Personal reference coming)  I decided to pursue a bachelors degree later in life (30) for my own personal growth, not as a means to obtain a job. What I found astonishing is that little effort was made to show students how to actually use this degree. The thinking exists that suggests the degree is what gets hired, not the man or woman. This is far from the truth. A degree is a qualification needed for entrance into the corporate world, but it is not a definable skill set. Degrees are akin to being able to ice skate. Simply having that one qualification does not make one NHL ready. It’s a necessary step but a player must also have stick handling ability and the instincts to think on the ice in the midst of fast paced hockey action. Degree, like skating, may get you on the ice but once there you’re going to be expected to do more.

Kevin Redford Business Speaker,Author,Consultant

Kevin Redford is a speaker and author on the subjects of leadership, motivation, social media marketing, and customer service. He is available to speak at your next event, contact him at me@kevinredford.com.

When attending college, students are taught getting good grades, which is simply an extension of the reading, writing, arithmetic model they had mastered in high school, will prepare them for the rigors of creative marketing strategy meetings, meeting payroll, securing a profit, and annual budgeting. The sad fact of the matter is that a degree is worth nothing more than the person who holds it.  Even sadder is that the degree holders are not taught the necessary deductive logic to blame their own shortcomings when they fail to impress those doing the hiring. In fact, the popular response is to blame the economy, politicians, corporate executives, HR departments, and their post-graduate career services.

The greatest neglect made by the generations in, and just recently out of, college is in personal interaction. I know it’s shocking that the first generation to have Twitter and Facebook as a primary communication medium during what should be the most interactive time of their life (High School) might be rough around the edges socially, but it’s true. Unfortunately, through all the advancement made by the past generations away from basic social skills the next generation has been sabotaged and set up to fail.

So now we, as every generation does, expect the next generation to pick up their mantle and give the economy a boost. In the meantime we get less patient and  more and more disappointed.  Generation Y’ers who are raised to work only on computers, quietly without hand to hand communication, are now expected to successfully Negotiate, Sell, and Service? Convinced for so long that they would never need to pick up a phone, respond to a timely email, or actually speak with a customer? Here comes the boom!

While the world is connected via social networking and websites, forgotten is the need for human interaction and communication. This presents a unique opportunity for some wise entrepreneurial members of generation y. The skills that have kept their traditional social powers at bay have made them terribly intelligent technically. It would behoove the motivated within Gen Y to apply themselves to the ‘old school’ style of communication so as to diversify their value and stand head and shoulders about their peers. This is not hard, it is simply done by refusing to accept those practices which are considered the social norm. Picking up the phone to call rather than texting, making small trips to do some face-to-face interaction with those in power, leadership, or are simply older would take a few moments and go a long way in personal growth.

The fact remains that, at least for a while, generations who are not entirely understanding of social media, who prefer to work in a more traditional sense, those who own businesses that need to update to the times, these should be their target employers. Help them along in the new economy, by being a child of both worlds. Connecting the past to the present will find generation y’ers employed and valuable.

Kevin Redford is a speaker and author on the subjects of leadership, motivation, social media marketing, and customer service. He is available to speak at your next event, contact him at me@kevinredford.com. Kevin is also available for small business consulting.

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Buy Local. Then Review your Review before You Review

I am a big proponent of shopping in, buying from, and utilizing local businesses. Small business is the lifeblood of local economies. The employees at these businesses are our neighbors, family, and friends.These businesses, when possible, should be the businesses we support. buy_local

I am a big fan of social media. I think sites like Twitter,Facebook, Yelp, etc  have created a more social society. This has,however, also lead to a more opinionated populace. We no longer reserve our opinions, thoughts, or complaints for our specific group of friends. We now express them openly and loudly through whatever means available. We see our social platform as our own personal billboard, ready to rent space to our most immediate and irrevocable opinions.

It’s hard not to want to embrace this marvelous medium to communicate to those who can make change. We tweet our politicians and pastors, Facebook friend our coffee shoppes and celebrities, and Yelp our restaurants with real-time rants regarding just about anything our minds can muster. There seems to be no end in site to our social interaction, much to our benefit, and unfortunately, often to our societal detriment.

anonymous-blogger-typist-keyboard-laptop-computer-300x200   This is not a post regarding anonymous attacks on people or places, companies or community leaders. It’s what we feel comfortable doing in posts with our names attached. We didn’t love a church we visited, so we give a harsh review on Facebook. Our waitress at a local diner got overwhelmed and took too long to bring our check so we feel all of Yelp needs to know. WHY?  What is the objective?

Do we really want heads to roll at our slightest inconvenience?

Do we forget just how easy it is to not be perfect? OR did we forget just how little the inconsequential things truly are to our happiness?

This post is a request to remember that while we are all connected and we each have our own soapbox to stand on, perhaps more, not less, forethought before speaking is in order.

While over the past few years we have seen attempted boycotts of companies or blacklisting of sponsors of controversial commentators, it does not mean that we should all become instant social activists when we feel slighted or snubbed.  Especially on the local level.

Do we really want heads to roll at our slightest inconvenience?

Small businesses are still businesses, and I know that the idea of a company being held with their feet to the fire ignites a certain excitement, whether for entertainment or through entitlement, we should understand that our words lead more to heartburn and heartbreak before they lead to resolution.

Owning, or being a primary driving force behind a company, is a draining and demanding existence. While often the idea conjures up such luxuries as creating one’s own schedule, financial freedom, and fancy cars, the reality is more like that of a working actor. Not an A list celebrity, more like a B List bit part player.  cameron_pic__18

The job seems amazing. In reality, it is an agonizing, self-doubting, no-time-to-enjoy-success, series of super-highs followed by staggering-lows, where there is absolutely no guarantee of the next round of either, from day to day. They say you should not read what others say about you but you do, and you spend hours looking for ‘feedback’. Actors ignore the good and spend hours scouring for the bad, breathing sighs of relief, not celebrating, when a good review comes in and dreading the next bad word spoken in their direction. They are their brand. They live and die based on the public’s perception of that brand.   Small business owners are quite similar.

There is no separating yourself from you, as much as you would love a chance to shut it off for just a little while. You cannot.  There is no end of the day whistle, weekend furlough, or two week hiatus from your brand. You are a  24/ 7 /365 commodity.

You laugh as your friends get excited for the weekend as they will be able to ‘shut it off’ for a few days and just relax their mind. YOU cannot. You haven’t for as long as you’ve been a professional. With today’s technology there is so time to shut yourself off from the world for even a day. There is too much at stake, too much potential loss in a 24 hour window. What if a new opportunity email comes in during hour 2 of the ‘shut down’? 22 hour delay in response is as good as being permanently closed. Any time spent unavailable to potential customers is money lost or wasted.

This is what it feels like to own a small business. Some see it as a curse, some love it, most are somewhere between. It’s not for the weak, but if you can handle it, there are many upsides. (refer to the luxuries listed above) But, what many reviewing consumers don’t fully grasp is that there are always human beings behind the logo, fellow members of the human race who feel our wrath when we comment or complain. While an email complaint thrown at Verizon on a Monday may get an automated response and a potential fix, a harsh word sent toward a small business on a Thursday can ruin an employees’ only weekend off with their children. Unlike Verizon, the statistics don’t add up to creating a neutral in-company response. As of 2012 Verizon had 182,000 employees and 107million customers. That means that one person’s over-the-top unwarranted complaint only affects 1/182,000 of the company and represents a minuscule percentage  of the 100+ million customers, statistically, it’s completely irrelevant. No one skips a step when the complaint rolls in. When a small business of 7-19 employees and 1025 clients receives a complaint it can turn that company upside-down for a few days. There is a decidedly smaller space for error in a small business, yet, customers treat them the same online as they do the big guys.

1Please remember that on the other side of that email, voicemail, or, God Forbid, that social media post designed to attack that small business, there is a real person feeling the pain. We ALL want you happy, as your happiness means our continued success (and existence). Sure a complaint gets a response and it should absolutely lead to a resolution, but as the owner of two small businesses, please, try reaching out politely first. We are not large corporations in search of billion dollar profits, we are real people and hard workers just like you, trying to make ends meet at home and at the office. We never claimed to be perfect. We only promise to do our best.

This all being said, just imagine what a nice, honest, lengthy and positive review can do for your friend or neighbor.

DISCLAIMER: If the local company has maliciously and purposefully done you wrong ignore the above. But, if the actions were done in good faith, without negative intent, or accidentally, give the person a heads up and work out a solution.


KEVIN REDFORD is a 20 year professional in small business as both as a Photographer and an Entertainer. His companies, Redford Photography and Redford Entertainment, are located in Pittsburgh,Pa, where He, his wife April, and their three children have always called home. 




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What I look forward to in 2016

This is the first year I have taken off the full week between Christmas and New Years Day. I wanted to spend time with family, I needed to in fact, so I was happy when the company unanimously decided the break was in order. No guilt for not being there, It kinda goes with the small business mentality. But I have been given a little time to think about what I would like to see in the coming year. Here we go:

I would like to see some optimism. I would love to know that the people around me are not expecting impending doom or catastrophe at every corner. In America we still live in the greatest country with freedom to be ourselves and the opportunity to pursue our own desires. With that freedom comes responsibility. We can not blame anyone but ourselves when we don’t live the life we want. Which leads to:

I would like to see fewer victims. In the literal sense, obviously, crimes against one another need to end, but I am tired of the crimeless victims. This too is a choice. It’s time to accept that we have the choice to blame others for our problems and what’s bothering us or to not. Perhaps, and It’s not fun, we need to look within. I tell my kids all the time that the power to offend or be offended lies within them. They can choose be beaten down by others or they can rise above it. Especially if it is only words. Words have power, but only if they give those words the power. Whether saying something or being called something, without giving power to the words, they can choose to have the power.

I would like to see some people take some chances in life this year. I love speaking with entrepreneurs and hard workers. I know too many who have been putting off big things for a while, waiting for the economy to change. Well, in 2016 we have the power to be the change we want to see. Take a chance, follow a passion, and make a difference.

I would like to see everyone put their kids and families first whenever they can. I know first hand how hard it is to live and work in 2015/2016 and to be the best parent I can be. I want my kids to know that I love them with every beat of my heart but also  know that when I am not there, I’m doing something that, in the end, will make them better off.  I want to see some friends take some vacations. Especially vacations with your families. Family is so much fun when there is no life to get in the way. Take your family to disney world or on a disney cruise. Fly them to a place none of you have ever been and discover it together. Life is so short and so futile, but knowing that you carved a few weeks out of every year to be there with your kids somewhere other than home, it’ll change you forever.

I would like Free Speech to make a comeback. I love talking about things I am personally passionate about, sports is easy. I can talk sports with anyone. But I’m not allowed to discuss politics. Truly a shame in an election year. How can we ever learn from one another when we can’t even get through a conversation without being attacked for thinking one way or another. If I agree with Marco Rubio or Hilary Clinton, does that make me the most extreme of what their parties represent? Probably not. But despite my own distaste for the current political system, it is what we have. If Democrats pick Bernie Sanders, it does not mean that every person who ever voted or plans to vote the party line is a devout socialist and If Republicans pick Donald Trump, it does not mean that every person who ever voted the party line agree with every comment he makes. Its the system. We don’t get 16 choices, we get 2. Change it or get over it, but don’t blame each other. And don’t let a person’s political choice define them. I have more friends I disagree with politically than I agree with. I think it’s more fun. But I don’t get offended, so they like telling me off. It’s fun.

I am ready for a Pirates World Series. I could stand to see another Penguins Stanley Cup. And if Steelers fans want a 7th ring, I suppose that would be fun too.

Happy 2016!

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10 Thoughts For A First Time Long Distance Runner

I completed my first half-marathon in May of 2015. As I begin to recover I feel it’s my responsibility to warn anyone considering such an endeavor of just what awaits them. If you have never run such a race you will be somewhat educated. If you have run before you may find yourself agreeing or disagreeing, either way, let me know. Regardless of your personal experience what you will find below is the truth regarding running. There are no stats, no figures and diagrams..no, below you will find the 10 things about running that you may not know.

1.The Atmosphere at a Half or Full Marathon is Absolutely Electric 

Pittsburgh Race

Pittsburgh Race

You would think a throng of amateur runners would be something less than exciting to watch. Who wants to see thousands of people sweat, pant, and groan through a 2 hour workout? TENS OF THOUSANDS of people do. I’ll never forget the feeling of running through the crowd at the starting line. I never felt so alive. I’ve never felt that amped up before. I felt such a burst of excitement surge through me as I ran past signs, noisemakers, and screaming spectators. It was surreal and completely exclusive to running. It was the greatest 100 feet of exercise I could have ever imagined.

2.The First Mile is Absolute Hell

I wasn’t more than 100 feet into the race. My heart pounded from excitement. I could barely catch my breath taking as I took in the ovation of the audience. At least that is what I thought that lack of oxygen was.

The downside to the first mile is not just that your adrenaline is piqued by crowd noise and anticipation but that your first mile, regardless of whether you’re running alone or for your new found fanbase, is miserable. Depending on the stretching and your pre-race prep work, if you are not completely ready for this you will find the first mile to cause you to doubt your entire existence and self-worth. It just hurts. Your lungs will not fill with air, your already dubious joints start to flare up, and you begin an ill-advised process of counting down miles before you complete one. The First Mile is just incredibly tough,

3.The Last 500 Feet are as Close to Heaven on Earth As One Can Feel While Running

Notice how many people look awfully strong crossing that finish line even at the 5 hour mark of a half marathon? That last stretch of race is softest, lightest, and most exciting 500 feet of running anyone will ever feel. Consider that for the past however many  hours you have been running, walking, shuffling, crawling in hopes of seeing this glorious conclusion. It is the pot of gold at the end of the 13.1 mile rainbow and the reward is so sweet. I’ve seen buckets of sweat masquerading as runners skip the last 500 feet. Its an amazing sensation.

4.The Running Community is Friendly 

April and Kevin Redford  | Pittsburgh Great Race

April and Kevin Redford | Pittsburgh Great Race

If you find yourself at odds with another runner or you begin bickering with a random fellow marathoner then it is likely your fault. The running community is as inclusive and encouraging a group of people you will ever meet. Sure, toward the front of the starting line there is jostling for position, it happens.  Every once in a while if you stop too quickly without allowing runners behind you any warning you will encounter less than cordial folks. But it is absurdly unlikely. When riding in a shuttle,  walking to the starting line, or checking in at the runners expo prior to the race please feel free to spark up a conversation with anyone there. You won’t be disappointed. Running is like a shared fandom of a sports team or a political party….Very big tent and very arms wide open to fellow members of this particular cult.

5.The Gear is Cool

In the aforementioned expo you will find yourself enjoying some of the greatest merch in the land. There are Bumper stickers, comical shirts, and flat out crazy cool running gear awaiting you. Not only does every runner get a shirt that screams ‘I did it!’ as part of the registration, but the mercantile opportunities to share your running passion with the world await you and your credit card. Everything from specialized running shoes and socks, but customizable shorts, pants,, shirts, sweatshirts, sunglasses, and hats are yours for the perusing as well. Quite sincerely it is a lot of fun to buy something you can wear to proudly show off your running successes.

6.Those Who Don’t Run Will Never Understand

It was astonishing to me, as I began my training, just how little everyone knows about the idea of long distance running. So many family members would ask questions designed to make me nervous. My co-workers would try to make me feel ridiculous for willingly agreeing to do it. My best friends challenged my sanity in general. If they have never had the bug or desire to complete a long race they will likely never get it and that’s ok. Let it be yours. Share it with anyone who asks, but don’t be surprised when they just don’t understand why it’s important to you. It’s not your job to convert anyone. Running is a very individual sport with an incredible community that shares your ups and downs. Don’t let yourself get down by how few people out there actually care about your race. They just don’t get it.

7.Those Who Have Done It Will Never Give You Credit

Everyone thinks that their toughest accomplishment was harder to achieve than everyone else’s great achievement.  The beauty of half and full marathons is that they are a defined distance. The downside is that the conditions from year to year, or course to course, are never identical. Past runners are unlikely to give you a great deal of credit. They’ve been there and done that. They’re happy for you, but it’ll never compare to what they personally did.  So when a past runner concludes that did a great job don’t be surprised if they don’t add that they wonder how you would have faired in the race they ran 10 years earlier. Just like the hall of fame in football or the masters in golf, once you’re in you always have a place in the conversation as a finisher. And that is a great thing. It is a fun community.

8. What Hurts Will Surprise You

I may be the only one, but I absolutely love the inevitable soreness following a big race. I love the feeling of a hot shower over a sore body. I feel accomplished and I feel alive. I know just how few people in the world at that time feel as successful and sore as I do and I love that. I remember wondering how I would feel post-race. Would my legs hurt or my shoulders? What about my flat feet or my back. The truth is that all of it hurt at one point or another and I loved it. When you close a big sale or buy a new house theres great feeling in your mind or in your bank account, but your body feels the same. After you complete a big race you feel it from head to toe and its a soreness, not of defeat, but of victory over your self and it is perfect.

Kevin Redford | Pittsburgh Half Marathon

Kevin Redford | Pittsburgh Half Marathon

9.The Runners High is Real and Amazing

The last 500 feet are Heaven, but those first steps after the finish line are a high unlike any drug could ever offer. It’s not paid for. It’s not illegal. It’s an earned feeling of accomplishment and success. Once you complete 13.1 or 26.2 miles of sheer effort, the feeling at the end is simply epic. A colossal internal celebration begins and lasts for weeks. While through those many miles of running we find ourselves wondering why we would ever agree to do this to ourselves, it takes but a few steps after the finish line to imagine doing another one. Once you cross you realize that not only can you do it, but it doesn’t kill you. In fact, even though you’re finally done running you realize it wasn’t that bad to begin with and maybe, just maybe, it would be fun to do it again or for a longer distance. Maybe I can even do it better the next time around.

10. Signing up is the biggest and most important step in your training

If you don’t just bite the bullet and sign up you are likely to never do it. Waiting until you’ve done some training before signing up for a race is a losers bet. You will likely never feel ready on your own. Giving yourself a deadline in the near future, seeing it on your calendar knowings its rapidly approaching will do far more for you than any other training method. Most races require a fee to sign up which you should see as added incentive to ‘just do it!’

I would have never imagined myself becoming a long distance runner at 30. I had never run more than a few miles prior to training for my first Half Marathon.  Full disclsure, I finished 20 minutes past my goal on my first half marathon, but I finished! Finishing the race was my first goal. I plan to run my second half in November 2015 at the Disney’s Avengers Half Marathon at Disneyland.

Kevin Redford is a speaker, author, and consultant for small businesses. He is the owner of three small businesses in the Pittsburgh,Pa area. He can be reached via twitter @kevinredford or instagram @kevredford or email me@kevinredford.com.

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Stop Fining Pro Athletes

Dear Pro-Athlete Agents of Discipline,


Roger Goodell

If you would like to curtail particular pro-athlete behavior you may want to give up the fine. It is pointless. In fact, at best it is directed toward appeasing fans and not preventing future actions. The $25k fine sounds painful to a fanbase who have an average annual salary of only twice that much, But when you see that $25k fine to a player who made $1.25m this year is a 2% hit it’s more like hitting an average joe with a $1000 fine.

Brendan Shanahan

I do not begrudge anyone making any amount of money he or she can for any service he or she can provide, but let’s face it….Athletes are some of the highest paid people in the country. Imposing a financial fine on them is not the same as imposing such a fine on a regular citizen.

Say you hit a regular person with $1,000 fine then you know that you are  affecting his savings, her ability to pay bills, and a family’s ability to eat.  But with an athlete, It may sting, but the player moves on.

PennsylvaniaHandicapParkingSignpa1218ra5Ever been in a hurry and parked at a ‘no parking’ sign that gives a minimum and maximum fine? There has been times that you know You have weighed the option. Some of these fine-able actions, such as wearing unauthorized logos, can be not only justifiable, but add a little extra attention to that player.

Marshawn Lynch Beastmode Logo Hat

Say I am a player making $1m this year and my buddy comes up with a logo he’d like me to wear. Since he’s my friend I could likely only charge the potential fine to get his logo some good solid press in the 24 hour sports media.     It’s worth the fine.  I’d suggest not letting athletes with more money than financial acumen have the choice.

Rather than financial fines,  I suggest Community Service as a more affective punishment. No more public decrees regarding punishment either. Handle all minor disciplinary incidents in house.

Take away off-field free time and get rid of the Bad for the League/Good for Personal PR headlines and you’ll see reactions. Consider, additionally, what good can come from athletes showing pro-community behavior.

Community service over fines. #NFL #NHL #MLB #NBA

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Jimmy Fallon, the Tonight Show, and What it Means for the Next Generation

I was born in 1982. I am a child of the 1980s and early 1990s. I am from the only generation to know what it’s like to organize meeting up with friends both before cellphones and after. I grew up on dial-up internet and AOL Instant Messenger, I then enjoyed the transition to High-Speed internet and twitter. As a kid I watch Full House, Saved by the Bell, and Reading Rainbow.

Jimmy Fallon and Zack Morris

Jimmy Fallon and Zack Morris

I endlessly watched Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and The Neverending Story.    Point is: Jimmy Fallon, and his humor, appeals to me.  Very few, if any, of his references are lost on me. The jokes, the impressions, the skits, the innuendos are all geared at my age group. This Jimmy Fallon, and the writing staff for whom I have a great deal of respect, is now taking over The Tonight Show. The premiere television position. The man who sits at that desk and hosts that program must represent the dominant generation of the culture. By turning things over from the silver haired Jay Leno* to the fresh, wrinkle free face of Jimmy Fallon is a sign that our generation is taking it’s place at the top.

Jimmy Fallon and Full House Guys

Jimmy Fallon and Full House Guys

When Conan got the job it wasn’t great timing and he wasn’t the right guy. He is stuck between generations, Jimmy is right where he needs to be. I very much look forward to where he will take the iconic Tonight Show. I can tell you that I hope references and reunions of shows that appealed to my generation such as Full House, Saved by the Bell, and California Dreams will still be prevalent.  

Additionally, I think Jimmy Fallon is terribly likable. One thing that I noticed 5 years ago when the show began was his own appreciation and admiration of celebrities that came on his show. When celebrities sit at Jimmy’s desk they must feel something different than they do anywhere else on national tv. The_Tonight_Show_Starring_Jimmy_Fallon_LogoJimmy seems star-struck and legitimately impressed more than any other host; it is  relatable as an audience member. It’s not as fun to watch a host try to appear equal to Paul McCartney as it is to watch Jimmy smile from ear to ear, staring into the camera basically asking the audience ‘can you believe who is sitting here?’ with his expression. It makes for great TV. I hope he keeps that charm.

On a marketing level, it’s hard to ignore what Fallon’s team has done with social media. With almost perfectly maintained Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts, our generation is properly inundated with Fallon updates. Weekly asking his audience to participate via Twitter,  leading to worldwide trending topics, shows (or solidifies) his hold on his targeted audience. His sketches and celebrity participation bits are perfectly timed to be easily digested by the diminutive attention span of the demographic who brought us Vine (show it in 7 seconds or less). As a connoisseur of Social Media myself, I consider his staff to be second to none at delivering their goods to the right places at the right time.

Kevin Redford on Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Redford on Jimmy Fallon

I also noticed early on through personal experience the way Jimmy included audience into the program. To know that anytime you attend a show you could be on T.V., not just waving but actively involved,  in front of millions of people makes for a great trip to NYC.

Kevin Redford on Jimmy Fallon  Catchphrase

Kevin Redford on Jimmy Fallon Catchphrase

More than anything, realizing that our generation has made it, with one of us as the host of the legendary Tonight Show, is quite unique and scary sensation.

*I love Jay Leno. He has a feel-good quality to his humor. It’s nice to tune in at 11:30pm and see some current events humor, some celebrities promoting a new project, and a man-on-the-street comedy sketch or two. He is good people. I personally wish him well as he goes.

KEVIN REDFORD is a 20 professional in the Pittsburgh Wedding Industry. Splitting time as a photographer and a DJ, Kevin has worked some of the finest weddings in Pittsburgh over the past two decades. His personal knowledge and experience provide incredible events for Pittsburgh brides every year. Kevin can be reached via his website http://www.RedfordDJs.com, twitter @djredford, instagram @kevredford, and facebook.com/redforddjs